We aim to use our God-given talent and our craft in the art of communications to accelerate justice for  he human race. Through brand-led services, LIFEbrand aims to help organisations that are helping others. We also bridge the gap between non-profit focused organisations, specific causes and the corporate world. This notion of ‘shared-value’ looks at all stakeholders in a collective eco-system as we create a more just society and a sustainable planet.


We have created a space where people can hone and learn new skills, so they can get industry experience and positively contribute their craft to society. We attract both dynamic local and international interns at our agency, probably because young adults want to work on brands and causes they can truly believe in. LIFEbrand offers an environment where these International students  and local talent from Africa can work together in their efforts to solve problems facing the social arena. It’s a safe, creative space where cultures intersect and this makes for inspiring communications solutions.