Our aim is to use our God-given talent and our craft in the art of communications to accelerate justice for the human race. LIFEbrand aims to help organisations that are helping others. We want to provide high quality design, video and campaigns to social based organisations and movements. We also want to bridge the gap between non-profit focused organisations, causes and movements and the corporate world. This notion of shared-value, looks at all stakeholders benefiting while we create a more sustainable planet.


We want to create a space where young, disadvantaged people can learn new skills so they can get industry experience and contribute to the good of the world. We seem to attract dynamic international interns as well, probably because most millennials want to work on brands they believe in. LIFEbrand fosters an environment where these international students and local young talent from Africa can work together in their efforts to solve problems facing the social arena. It’s a safe, creative space where cultures collide and this makes for inspiring communications solutions. Life-long connections are made and the diversity in the office creates a new and interesting dynamic.