Warren Lodge

“Vision is the ability to see potential in what others overlook.” Pastor Rick Warren

I have worked in the corporate world with the biggest advertising agencies and on the world’s biggest brands. During my part-time post-grad studies at Vega, I realised the power brands have to change behaviour and influence culture. I realised my calling is to work on brands driving social change. In 2013, LIFEbrand was born. Since then, we have breathed life into over 70 brands in the non-profit, social enterprise, CSI, education arenas. I trust that we have added significant value to the brands we have worked with, and by doing that, we have helped amplify and accelerate their positive impact in the world.


Baccalaureus Technologiae: Marketing (Nelson Mandela University)
Post Graduate diploma: Media Management/Planning (AAA School of Advertising)
BA Honours Degree: Brand Leadership (Vega School)

Michael Just

“Work hard. Be brave.” Casey Neistat 

I am a free-thinking creative who believes in harnessing the power of branding for the good. I joined up with Warren at LIFEbrand in 2017 and have loved the opportunities of working with organisations that are changing the world for the better. One of my biggest passions is to reach out to disadvantaged people and mentor them in the creative space so that they can reach their full potential.


Certificate in Theology (George Whitefield College)
BA Degree: Creative Brand Communications (Vega School)

Leigh Taylor

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” Gerard Way

I am a qualified foundation phase teacher who left teaching in 2006 to go and study graphic design. After qualifying at the end of 2009 I have spent the last number of years working in the media industry. Although no longer involved daily, I am still passionate about education and about helping others find ways to improve their situation. I subscribe wholly to the philosophy of ‘pay it forward’ and try to use the opportunities that I have been given to show others that we can all make a positive impact in this world.


UX Design Course (Friends of Design)
Graphic Design (Ruth Prowse School of Art)
Further Diploma in Education: Learners with Barriers to Learning and development (Rand Afrikaans University)
Further Diploma in Education: Art (Cape Town College of Education)
Diploma in Education: Foundation Phase (Cape Town College of Education)

Japhet Mibatu

“Climb the mountain not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.” David McCullough

I am Japhet Mibatu born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and I moved to Cape Town in 2014. Living in South Africa has been an exciting journey filled with love and incredible experiences. I am passionate about the creative industry in a variety of ways. Not only am I a model, which gives me a key sense of understanding camera work and different sets, but I am also interested in multimedia in general. My studies have taught me how to code and design, so I am a creative and multifaceted individual. I enjoy working with brands that are making a positive impact and I want to use my skills to work with meaningful organisations that are contributing to a substainable world.


 National Diploma in ICT in Multimedia Applications: Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)
 National Certificate in Finance for Non-Financial Managers: National Association of State Boards Accountancy (NASBA)


Ntsako Mkhabela (ScriptWriter)

There is a world without and a universe within.” Maya Angelo

am an artist, development practitioner and entrepreneur. Using each of my passions and skills to tell the stories of African people and give voice unvoiced experiences. I am driven to make art that has a social impact and paint new realities for African people. I passionate about creating self-sustainability by looking at the opportunities of a continent coming into its self again. My favourite thing is a blank page with the possibility it offers to create, make and develop programs for development. I am a feminist and believe that the empowerment of African women and the return to grass roots social change will turn the tide for the African century.


MBA – Ongoing (University of Suffolk, UK)
BA honours Degree: Dramatic Arts (Wits)
Municipal Financial Management: MFMA (Wits School of Governance)



I draw all the time – I drew the doctor that delivered me, I drew my parents, my teachers and everyone else I know. I draw at work, at home, in the car (not recommended) and I’ve been told I’m restless in bed so I guess I also draw in my sleep. Infographics: Blending business with art. Basically I take complicated information and reorganise it into a visual to make it easier to understand and prettier to look at. Graphic recording: Essentially, I stand in front of a group of people having complicated discussions and draw what they’re saying. It’s terrifying but also exhilarating to bring intricate ideas to life in pictures. Over the years, I’ve been sent off to do graphic recordings in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, St Louis, North Carolina and curiously enough the Joburg Zoo.


Baccalaureus Technologiae: Graphic design (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

Jean-Paul Moodie (Videographer, Editor and Drone Operator)

Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

I‘m inspired by people and community development. I love seeing people thrive and I enjoy contributing to their success and showcasing their contributions. My experience in film spans the last 14 years producing/ directing documentary, brand content, short film, operating drones as well as several additional years spent in marketing & advertising. One of my highlights includes winning the best film award as director/editor at the Shnit Int’l Film Festival as well as having a feature documentary be part of the official selection of the Encounters Int’l Documentary Festival.


National Diploma: Marketing
Advertising Media Management
Certificate in Film & TV Production
Certificate in Final Cut Pro
Certificate in  Adobe After Effects

Dr Joseph Kunnuji (Ethnomusicologist) 

“I come as one, but I stand as ten thousand.” Maya Angelou

am a Senior Lecturer specialising in African Music at the Odeion School of Music, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein. Apart from being a performer with the trumpet as my primary medium of expression, I compose and arrange, drawing on the wealth of traditional African musical idioms. In other words, I am passionate about re-interpreting African genres with various aesthetics and modern harmonic sensibilities from jazz, gospel, pop and soul elements. My motivation for experimenting with African sounds stems from a love for creating musical nexus accessible to a broad audience – the young and old alike.


PHD: Musicology (University of Cape Town)


“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” Edward de Bono

I have always loved the process of creating, and I have always been intrigued and inspired by how aesthetic and function affect and inform each other in different forms of art and communication design. Function is the beginning of every creative process for me. What is the purpose and overall message of the creative? Who does it talk to? How do craft the message into communication that resonates with the target market, rather than wash over them? Aesthetic then acts as a loudspeaker for the message and appeals to the target market. It makes it visible and memorable.
The best part of this process is figuring out which design style would do this best. Sometimes the aesthetic becomes the message, and no words are needed. 
Inspiration for aesthetic comes from everyday life, art, and design trends and history from different spheres, whether it be motion graphics, architecture, web design or fashion.


BA Honours Degree: Brand Leadership (Vega School)
International Diploma in Visual Communications: Art Direction (NQF level 6)
International Advertising Association’s Diploma In Marketing: in Education (AAA School of Advertising)

Justin Barth (Sound design / production) 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African proverb 

What inspires my creativity is the South African story, the story of movement and change. From our history through to our present day, these have been a great part of our identity and life. Moving from a place of oppression to freedom and moving from rural areas to urban areas in a quest for change and a better life are just a few examples of our story. There’s always been a consistent thread of unity and a coming together of people in movement and ushering of change, it’s a collective effort as opposed to it being a one man thing. By our story I am always inspired and encouraged to move from a place of potential into limitlessness, great heights.


Bachelor of Arts degree in Sound Production (Cum Laude)


Lulama Galeni – South Africa

Didienne Dube – Netherlands 

Clement Spocter – South Africa 

Natalie Doralingo – South Africa

I really enjoyed my time at LIFEbrand and working with Warren was really fun and insightful. This internship inspired me to continue working in the Civil Sector as it is something I am very passionate about, helping others. LIFEbrand really pushed me to get to know myself and what I wanted in life. I would definitely recommend this internship and experience to any young person interested in helping others and keen to meet cool people in the Civil Sector.

Bram van Halteren – Netherlands

Julia Hebbeker – Germany  

 Jacob Bassler – USA

My time at L!febrand was more than I could have expected.
While working at LIFEbrand, I was able to connect to Cape Town through a unique lens,
while giving back to the local communities through media, arts, and service.

 Stefanie Slawski – Germany

Daniel “Jeric” Comer – South Africa 

Abulele Ndenze – South Africa

My experience at Life Brand was amazing and insightful. It reinforced my knowledge of understanding clients and their brand as a tool to remember when creating work for them. The office space and working environment at Life Brand is super chilled and the workflow is also amazing. Going out shooting and meeting people on location were one of the best times, I would definitely do that again. Editing B-roll footage of the soccer kids in Nyanga was also quite fun and I enjoyed playing the footage over and over because of how cool and fun the kids were.

Tim Wagner– Germany 

Michele Bianchi – Italy 

 Devina Modi – INDIA

In July of 2017, I spent a month in Cape Town interning for LIFEbrand, a communication agency that worked for non-profits. During this time, I had just finished my sophomore year of university, at the Parsons School of Design in New York. Majoring in illustration, this month was an opportunity for me to gain some work experience, however, it turned out to be that and so much more.

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Interning at LIFEbrand was one of my first formal internships, and before I began, I was unsure of the kind of work I would be made to do. Often in cities like New York, working as an intern would mean running errands and getting coffee. However, in a company like LIFEbrand the intern program was far more ‘hands-on’ and educational. From my first day, I was introduced to the various projects that the company took on, and was further given an opportunity to create visuals, do research and work on various tasks with the creative director. Being in a small company like LIFEbrand, I was able to see first-hand, how a project is completed from start to finish, while also getting exposed to parts of the company I wouldn’t necessarily learn about in the art department. Another influential aspect of my experience was interacting and working with companies that had more philanthropic intentions. I was fortunate enough to meet many clients, non-profit organisations and foundations that were working in order to provide education and opportunities for underprivileged people. On various days we visited and interviewed people that worked at such schools, giving me an insight to a side of Cape Town I yet hadn’t experienced. The people I met during this month changed my perspective on how my work as an artist could possibly help create awareness. It also influenced my thesis during my senior year of university, during which I illustrated a book to create awareness about women and LGBTQ in India. This month was my fourth trip to Cape Town, and I think I can definitely say it is one of my favorite cities. My experience outside of work allowed me to interact and meet people from all over the world, in a hub of culture, music, and art. Getting the chance to work in a city you’re visiting, changes the visit entirely, allowing you to learn and experience a city in ways you couldn’t as a tourist. I was fortunate enough to also spend this time with my boyfriend who lives in Cape Town and feel truly at home. I hope in the future to spend more time here and interact with all that this beautiful city has to offer. Overall, what started as a simple internship, turned into a life-changing experience. Graduating from university this week, I’ve spent time looking back and the various things that truly influenced me in my four years, and I think LIFEbrand was an experience that really changed me. In terms of my work, I can see myself looking into how visual art can play a crucial role in creating social and cultural discourse. And in terms of my future, it pushed me to expand my horizons, as I now hope to move to Berlin, Germany to find new experiences and perspectives.