Warren Lodge

“Vision is the ability to see potential in what others overlook.” Rick Warren

I have worked in the corporate world (account manager – media sales) with the biggest advertising agencies and on the world’s biggest brands. After about 10 years in the game, and while studying branding at Vega, I realised the power brands have to change behaviour and influence culture. I then decided to do my own thing and start a through-the-line brand agency that works with brands that are changing the world for the better. In 2013, LIFEbrand was born. Since then, we have breathed life into over 60 brands in the non-profit, social enterprise, education and non-profit arenas. We believe we have added significant value to the socially orientated brands we have worked with, and by doing that, we have helped amplify their positive impact in the world.


Baccalaureus Technologiae: Marketing (Nelson Mandela University)
Post Graduate diploma: Media Management/Planning (AAA School of Advertising)
BA Honours Degree: Brand Leadership (Vega School)

Michael Just

“Work hard. Be brave.” Casey Neistat 

I am a free-thinking creative who believes in harnessing the power of branding for the good. I joined up with Warren at LIFEbrand in 2017 and have loved the opportunities of working with organisations that are changing the world for the better. One of my biggest passions is to reach out to disadvantaged people and mentor them in the creative space so that they can reach their full potential.


Certificate in Theology (George Whitefield College)
BA Degree: Creative Brand Communications (Vega School)

Leah SLoman

“Do Not Conform to the ways of the word,

instead be transformed by the renewing of your mind”- Romans 12:2


My passion lies in people and expressing myself through creative content creation. I strongly value the power of connection and communication, and I believe that technology can be an incredible tool for unifying communities with shared interests through digital communication. By utilising innovative digital platforms, we can create spaces for meaningful conversations, authentic connections, and shared experiences that transcend physical barriers. Whether I’m crafting compelling social media campaigns or collaborating on exciting new projects, I am driven by a deep passion for connecting with others and creating impactful experiences that leave a lasting impression.



Post Graduate Degree (Honours: BSc): Environmental Science (Rhodes University)
Digital Marketing (Short Course)
Copy Writing (Short Course)



Lulama Galeni – South Africa

Didienne Dube – Netherlands 

Clement Spocter – South Africa 

Natalie Doralingo – South Africa

I really enjoyed my time at LIFEbrand and working with Warren was really fun and insightful. This internship inspired me to continue working in the Civil Sector as it is something I am very passionate about, helping others. LIFEbrand really pushed me to get to know myself and what I wanted in life. I would definitely recommend this internship and experience to any young person interested in helping others and keen to meet cool people in the Civil Sector

 Jacob Bassler – USA

My time at L!febrand was more than I could have expected.
While working at LIFEbrand, I was able to connect to Cape Town through a unique lens,
while giving back to the local communities through media, arts, and service.

Abulele Ndenze – South Africa

My experience at Life Brand was amazing and insightful. It reinforced my knowledge of understanding clients and their brand as a tool to remember when creating work for them. The office space and working environment at Life Brand is super chilled and the workflow is also amazing. Going out shooting and meeting people on location were one of the best times, I would definitely do that again. Editing B-roll footage of the soccer kids in Nyanga was also quite fun and I enjoyed playing the footage over and over because of how cool and fun the kids were.