Client: Wesgro – Cape Cycle Routes (CCR)

Brief: Cape Cycle Routes (CCR) is a Western Cape Government initiative under the Wesgro banner. Since its inception, various long-distance cycling routes have been developed across the Western Cape. Overview videos have been created to showcase these routes as a whole, but there is a need to drill down a bit further to uncover the nuances and heartfelt stories within each unique route. This increases the appeal of these intriguing locations and promotes local trade.

There is a further need to tell stories of a social nature and most of these stories should have some resonance to cycling. A particular person/family, cultural experience, small business, historical site or bicycle-related development must be researched, stories extracted, people contacted and filmed and then edited into punchy films. These films should then be blended into a digital campaign, with a concentration on social media.

Solution: Being connected with various cycling related organisations over the last eight years put us in good stead in hitting the ground running. After numerous in-depth discussions with the client and a thorough briefing process, we embarked on secondary research and then did a three day ‘recce’ of the various towns and sites being showcased for the first route. We contacted and met the people we would be filming beforehand to set them at ease by visiting them on their home turf. When we returned to film, we had already established a connection and the recipients were prepped, which meant that they were relaxed and eager. Our videos and the overall digital campaign received rave reviews from the client and the post-campaign analytics spoke volumes as per the success of the campaign.

Overberg Meander 

Cape Tour 364

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